Clean Eating style. Eat clean with plant-based food from Canada

Clean Eating style. Eat clean with plant-based food from Canada
Clean Eating style. Eat clean with plant-based food from Canada

In recent years, there has been a trend of clean eating on social networks and it is quickly becoming popular with women. Many celebrities or fitness trainers also share this eat clean eating method on Facebook. Is clean eating the absolute key to keeping you in shape? How to apply clean eating that is both scientific, flexible and suitable for you?

1. What is clean eating?

According to Harvard, generally, clean eating is assumed to refer to foods that are as close to their natural state as possible, maybe organic, and most likely with minimal use of any chemical additives and preservatives.

A clean diet may include whole fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats while limiting highly processed snacks and other packaged foods with added sugar and salt. It may also be associated with terms like plant-based, grass-fed, sugar-free, or gluten-free. In summary, clean eating seemingly promotes health and wellness.

The concept is popular among younger consumers active with social media, which is the prime platform for celebrities, bloggers, and other high-profile personalities who chronicle their clean eating meals and recipes. A survey of more than 1,200 participants ages 14-24 years found that 55% were familiar with the term clean eating from social media, other online sources, or their peers.

A survey by the International Food Information Council (IFIC) helps to further define consumer beliefs about clean eating. It found that “clean eaters” eat foods that are not highly processed, such as fresh or organic fruits and vegetables, and food products with a short, simple ingredients list. Additional findings:

Almost half of those surveyed considered themselves to be clean eaters, with “eating foods that aren’t highly processed,” “eating fresh produce,” “eating organic foods,” and “eating foods with a simple ingredients list” as the most cited definitions

64% surveyed said they try to choose foods made with clean ingredients, defined as “not artificial or synthetic,” “organic,” “fresh,” or “natural.”

2. Eat-Clean is not a diet

We need to distinguish between the concept of clean eating or healthy life and a diet. When we go on a diet, we have to follow strict rules, limited to certain food groups, limited by ways of processing.

According to Harvard's study, clean eating taken to an extreme has been associated with an increased risk of disordered eating patterns, such as orthorexia nervosa. If you feel increased anxiety around food and eating, avoid situations involving food, or have a preoccupation with food that interferes with daily activities, seek help from your doctor, a counselor, or a registered dietitian.

Clean Eating style. Eat clean with plant-based food from Canada
Clean Eating style. Eat clean with plant-based food from Canada

3. Mistakes when follow clean eating style

Clean eating can have a positive impact on health through eating healthier. However, this concept should be avoided as a psychological burden.

In addition, now many people do not choose food according to the correct principles of eat clean but misunderstand this way of eating. Some cases even only drink fruit juice, others just eat meat and vegetables to lose weight and burn fat.

  1. Treat Eat Clean as a Diet

  2. Eat only green vegetables

  3. Completely remove fat

  4. Cut out the sugar completely

  5. Eating more than the allowed amount of protein

  6. Don't pay attention to the amount of calories you take in

  7. Processed food is too sophisticated

Clean eating to the extreme is associated with an increased risk of eating pattern disorders, such as orthorexia. If you feel anxiety about food and eating, or interest in food interferes with daily activities, seek help from your doctor, counselor or dietitian.

4. Learning clean eating recipe on social networks: Need to be careful

According to Dr. Phan Bích Nga, Head of Child Nutrition Examination and Counseling Center, National Institute of Nutrition, there are many recipes on social media that even go against the nutritional knowledge that is the principle of good health or ensuring growth.

Not all information on social networking sites is correct, but young people need to find out official information sources, this is very important. “There are many people who think that they should not eat red meat, should not eat animal protein at all, should not eat all kinds of fats, should not eat starch, only eat vegetables and fruits, in fact that is completely wrong. not true.” - Dr. Phan Bich Nga emphasized.

For more options of additional dishes to the clean eating menu, there is now a Canadian plant-based products branded NOMAD NUTRITION in Vietnam’s market.

NOMAD plant-based products are designed into convenient packaged ready-to-eat meals. In addition to the whole plant-based food standard, these convenient packaged plant-based meals are treated with an upgraded technology than freeze drying that preserves food for years without any complications. any chemical preservatives.

In addition to the high standard and quality that meets the nutritional needs of the Canadian plant-based diet, it is interesting that NOMAD NUTRITION whole plant meals are prepared with the unique culinary flavors of 8 regional countries. domain in the world. The dishes are carefully cared for in terms of quality and delicate taste suitable for Vietnamese people.

Please join Nature Rider to learn about the Canadian brand and processing technology of pure plant foods at NOMAD NUTRITION.

Clean Eating style. Eat clean with plant-based food from Canada
Clean Eating style. Eat clean with plant-based food from Canada

5. About the Company and the brand NOMAD NUTRITION

Nomad Nutrition is a plant-based, nutritious adventure food that is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts valuing healthy, covenient meals!

The meals are 100% vegan, glutent free, soy free, and contain no GMO's or preservatives of any kind. They are designed to fill you up without compromising the nutritional value, taste or texture using the revolutionary, exclusive drying technology call REVdry.

Nomad Nutrition's manufacturing plant is gluten-free, dairy-free, meat-free, and nut-free.

Introducing REVDry Canada's exclusive food drying technology from NOMAD NUTRITION

NOMAD NUTRITION meals are made using a process called REVdry which is a quick, efficient, low-temperature drying technique.The low temperature locks in nutrients better than standard dehydration, and does not alter the taste, texture, or colour, something which is predominant in freeze-dried meals. REVdry also allows our meals to be free of chemicals, preservatives, and artificial colours.

How exactly does REVdry technology work?

When you are putting food in a vacuum, you are depressurizing it. This lowers the boiling temperature of the food, so we only have to apply 15 to 20 degrees Celsius to dry it.

The radiant energy used is much more efficient at taking water outside of the cell wall compared to freeze-drying or dehydration. The biggest benefit to this method is that cell walls don’t get ruptured. Thus, nutrients and vitamins are kept locked in the product at a rate of 1:1

This means that the food looks, tastes, feels, and smells exactly the same at the end of the process as it did going in. In our cooking at Nomad you can actually see the peas and carrots and potatoes. They look exactly the same.

Eco-friendly process

REVdry technology is the most eco-friendly process on the market, as compared by electricity use, because the dehydration process is 6 times faster than freeze drying and 24 times faster than dehydration.. We’re talking minutes, instead of hours or days. Because of this, the ability for microorganisms to grow on the product is substantially less.

The good news is that you can now order NOMAD NUTRITION convenient packaged vegan meals in Vietnam through Nomad Nutrition's authorized distributor, Nature Rider Store. We invite you to visit the Canadian plant-based food booth NOMAD NUTRITION by following the link below.

Clean Eating style. Eat clean with plant-based food from Canada
Clean Eating style. Eat clean with plant-based food from Canada


  1. Cali Breakfast Bowl

  2. Spanish Paella

  3. Kathmandu Curry

  4. Caribbean Curry

  5. Indian Red Lentil Stew

  6. Hungarian Goulash

  7. Ukrainian Borscht

  8. Irish Shepherd's Pie

  9. Instant Quinoa



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